How do I change Boonies in my Team?

Many different Boonies live in the Boonieverse: Treetop, Underwater, Darkside, epic, rare… Do you know them all by now? Your Team’s strength depends on the Boonies that are currently part of it. Choose your Team wisely before challenging other Boonies!

You can at any time change the Boonies in your Team. To do so, please click “Home” on the world map, then go to “Team”:

Here you can pick the Boonies you want on your Team for the next exciting challenge.

Your current Team is displayed at the bottom of the screen. It can consist of no more than 4 Boonies at one time.

  • To remove a Boonie from your Team, click the red “minus” button. You will notice that the removed Boonie no longer is part of your Team:

  • To add a Boonie to your Team, click the green “plus” button. The Boonie will then be added to your Team:

Are you ready to take your Team to the next challenge? Click on the green arrow or the globe icon in the upper left corner to save the changes:

Your have picked your new Team.


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