How do I take care of my Boonies?

It is very important to keep your Boonies happy. This is how they level up and get stronger. Fortunately, taking care of your Boonies is very easy and super fun!

Go to your Home to feed or wash your Boonies. To do so, please click on the “Home” island on the world map:

Little bubbles show above the head of your Boonies if they need feeding or washing. Then you know it’s what they want the most at the moment:

Click on the Boonie to display a menu with various things that they can eat as well as options for washing them. Just drag and drop what you want to give them from the right side menu to the Boonie in the center of the screen:

Each Boonie has its own preferences. When you give your Boonies what they want at the moment, they receive lots of Happiness points and you earn XP.


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