Where can I buy clothes for my Boonies?

Are you into fashion? Do you want your Boonies to look super stylish? If so, you should check what we’ve got in our Shop!

We have a vast choice of clothes, shoes and accessories for your Boonies. To find the Shop, click on “Mall” on the world map, then go to “Clothes”:

You can try on as many items as you want. Just click on an item you like, and the Boonie of your choice will try it on!

To switch between Boonies, click on the blue arrows on either side of the Boonie:

Don’t forget that you can buy new clothes in your favourite colours! To change the colour of an item, click on the coloured square at the bottom of the screen:

Are you satisfied with your new look? Click on “Shopping Basket” to buy it. Then your Boonie can wear it everywhere it goes. To buy the items of your choice, click on the green button at the bottom right corner where you see the price:

That’s it. You just bought a cool new look for your Boonie!


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