How do I Report a user?

BooniePlanet has an easy-to-use reporting system: it only takes a few clicks. We encourage everyone to report bad behaviour.

To report a user:

  • Click on their Captain to display their Profile pop-up. You can also access their Profile pop-up by clicking on their username in the messages window:

  • Click on the yellow triangle at the bottom left corner of their Profile pop-up:

  • Confirm your action by clicking “Report”:

  • Select the right category and explain briefly why you are reporting this user. Once you are ready, click “Send”:

The user has now been reported and our moderators will review your report.

IMPORTANT: You may not receive a warning or lock even if someone reports you.

Please remember to only report users who have actually broken the rules of BooniePlanet. You can read our Rules here.


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