Where do I find the most popular Captains?

Have you been wondering who else plays BooniePlanet and who is the best player of all time? Check out the Highscores!

Highscores show the users with the highest level and those who have earned a lot of XP lately.

To access it, click “Gallery” on the world map, then go to “Highscores”:

This is also the place to check of your friends have played BooniePlanet a lot lately and earned the most XP. Just click the “Me & My Friends” tab:

Here you will see who is the best Captain among your friends. Is it yourself? If not, earn some XP and make it happen!

Highscores are a great way to check what is happening in BooniePlanet. Don’t forget to check it regularly to see how much are you progressing compared to your friends and other Captains.


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