Why can’t I have more friends?

The number of friends that you can have depends on your level. If you want to see how many friends you can have at your current level, please log in to www.MovieStarPlanet.com with your BooniePlanet username and password:

BooniePlanet is part of MovieStarPlanet Group of Games. So when you create an account on BooniePlanet, you automatically create an account on MovieStarPlanet, and that’s where you find the information you are looking for.

Go to the “Friends” area in the top bar:

This is where you can see how many friends you can have at the moment, and how many of your current friends are VIP. Do you want more friends? Try to earn some XP and level up or become VIP. The higher your level and status in game, the more friends you can have.


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