How do I find friends on BooniePlanet?

Did you know that BooniePlanet is connected to MovieStarPlanet? This means that if you have already play MovieStarPlanet you can log in to BooniePlanet and find all your friends and favourite movie stars waiting for you there, ready to chat and play.

Use your normal MovieStarPlanet username and password to log in to BooniePlanet. Your movie star will change into a Boonie Captain, but you still have the same friends and you will be able to chat with them, even if you and your friend are playing different games at the moment. Isn’t that awesome?

Even if you never played MovieStarPlanet, making new friends in BooniePlanet is very easy. Try and see.

You will find many users there. Chat with them to get to know each other:

It’s a good way to find users with a similar taste as yours.

  • Maybe you already know the username of the person you want to be friends with?

If so, search directly in the “Friends” menu. Just click on the “Friends” button in the upper left corner, enter their username and do a search:

  • Don’t forget to check the Highscores!

Who knows, maybe your future Best Friend Forever is someone who is featured there?

Found a user you would like to befriend? Then simply send them a friend request. Click here to learn how to become friends with other Captains.

BooniePlanet is much more fun with friends. We hope that you will have a great time playing BooniePlanet and that you will make lots of great friends!


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