How do I get more Boonies in my Family?

You select your very first Bonnie when you start playing BooniePlanet:

But your Boonie might get lonely in your big Home, so you should consider making sure he has company.

When you have won certain challenges you will be given the opportunity to have a Boonie join your Family. To accept this new Boonie, merely click on the green “Yes” button:

You will be taken to your “Team” screen where you must pay a small amount of FurCoins for new Boonie. Just click on the green price button below the Boonie:

Now you just need to name your new Boonie. Pick a name and click “OK”:

This is also the place to buy more advanced and super cool Boonies! And if you have enough Crystals, you can also buy new Boonies here. Merely click on the green price button below the Boonie of your choice:

You may find that many Boonies are unwilling to join your Family. If so, keep challenging them and they will come to you.


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