What is My Profile?

Did you know that each Captain has a Profile that says everything about them and their Boonie Family? Check it out, it’s super cool.

To access the Profile of another user, click directly on the user’s Captain in a chatroom. You can also access their Profile by clicking on their username in the messages window:

A small window will pop up with different options. This is the Profile pop-up.

This is where you can give the user a Hug, visit their Home, chat with them, report them or visit their Profile.

This is also the place to check another player’s level and, if the two of you are friends, see if they are online at the moment. The user is online when there is a small green dot next to their name.

If you want to access the user’s full Profile, click on the “Profile” tab on the right side:

Their Profile will then be displayed on the entire page.

The main window displays the Captain and their Boonie Team. Here you can give the user a Hug, visit their Home, chat with them, or report them.

Want know more about the user? Try switching between different tabs. Click on the “Family” tab to see the user’s Boonie Family. Here you will see all Boonies that are part of the user’s Family:

The “Looks” tab will show you all Looks the user so far has created. Don’t forget to give a “Like” to show the user that you like their style.

Are you curious about what your Profile looks like? Click on your Captain in the upper left corner to see your own Profile:

This is how other players see you.

Profiles are an easy way to display your Boonie Family to your friends, and a quick way to get to learn more about other Captains.

Try to visit many different Profiles to see how other users play the game and how many Boonies they have in their Families.


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