What is the Element Wheel?

There are 5 tribes in the Boonieverse that Boonies belong to:

  • Treetop
  • Underwater
  • Urban
  • Darkside
  • Enchanted

Did you know that each Boonie has its own special powers and weaknesses? The Element Wheel shows you which Boonies are stronger than others. It also shows you which Boonies to use in your challenges to quickly defeat other Boonies.

You access it in “Settings”. Merely click on the cogwheel in the upper left corner, then go to “Element Wheel”:

You will see a circle of Boonie tribes:

The white arrows show you the strength of the Boonies. According to the Element Wheel you should:

  • Choose a Darkside Boonie to defeat an Enchanted Boonie
  • Choose an Enchanted Boonie to defeat a Treetop Boonie
  • Choose a Treetop Boonie to defeat an Underwater Boonie
  • Choose an Underwater Boonie to defeat an Urban Boonie
  • Choose an Urban Boonie to defeat a Darkside Boonie

You will find that challenging other Boonies is much easier when you use the right Boonies.


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