How do I get more than three Boonies on my Team?

As you begin your adventure with BooniePlanet, you will learn that you can have up to four Boonies on your Team. However, the fourth slot is not available right from the beginning. How to unlock it?

To have four Boonies in your Team, you first need to hatch the Epic Boonie. It hatches from a beautiful egg that you get after one of the challenges:

The egg is located in your Home, ready to hatch! To get the new special Boonie, just click on the egg, then click on the green button showing how many Crystals it costs to hatch the Boonie:

Your Team now has a cool new Boonie, and you can have up to four Boonies on your team!

Keep challenging other Boonies if you didn’t get your Epic Boonie. You will soon get the chance to have four Boonies on your Team.


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