How do my Boonies level up?

Do you want your Boonies to level up? It’s very simple: make them happy! Happy Boonies level up super fast.

Your Boonies level up once they have enough Happiness points. These are the little green bubbles that are added to their Happiness level.

There are two ways to get Happiness points:

  • Take care of your Boonies regularly

Your Boonies will be very happy if you feed and wash them regularly. Click here to learn how to take care of your Boonies. Giving them what they want the most will earn them lots of Happiness points!

  • Challenge successfully other Boonies

Your Boonies get very happy when they win a challenge. Explore the Boonieverse and challenge as many Boonies as you can. Then your Boonies will earn Happiness points and level up quickly.

Did you know that your Boonies can grow up to level 30? Try it out. The happier your Boonies, the stronger your Team.


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