How do I change my Boonies' clothes?

Dressing up your Boonies is so much fun. Did you know that you can make them look like pirates, princesses, fairies or secret agents? It’s time to dress them up.

First you need to get some clothes. You can get clothes and accessories for free by winning some challenges or if you’re lucky while spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

You can also buy whatever you want in our Shop.

When you’ve found what you were looking for, please go to the “Wardrobe”. To do so, please click on your Captain in the upper left corner, then click “Wardrobe”:

Here your Boonies can try on different clothes and accessories. Just click on the item of your choice in the right side menu:

To switch from one Boonie to another, click on the blue arrows on either side of the Boonie:

When you are happy with how your Boonies look, click on the green arrow or the globe icon in the upper left corner to save the current looks:

That’s it! Your changes have been saved and now your Boonies look super cool.


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