What are Items?

You need amazing items to make the coolest ArtBook, Movie or to decorate your Room. Lucky for you, there are plenty of items to choose from.

You access our Items shop in the Shopping area.

Here you will find anything you need. You can browse the categories in the upper bar:

On the right side you can sort items by:

  • Animals & Pets
  • Pet accessories
  • Props
  • Furniture
  • Gadgets
  • Vehicles
  • Food
  • Garden

On the left side you can sort items by:

  • New: where you will find the newest items
  • Themes: where items are sorted by the Weekly Themes 
  • Top: where you will find the most popular items at the moment
  • Friends: where you will find items recently bought by your friends

 Note that some of the items are VIP exclusive and can only be bought with Diamonds or by VIP members.

When you find an item that you like, click on it, select the colour of your choice (you cannot change the colour of animated items), then go to your basket by clicking on the pink “Basket” button in the bottom right corner, and click “Buy” or “Buy all”:

If you find an item that you cannot afford yet, add it to your Wishlist. Click here to learn more.

The Items shop is also available on our app. To access it, tap “Shopping” and then “Items”

See you in the shop.


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