What are Weekly Themes?

It’s always a lot of fun to go on a shopping spree or browse the shops, and there should always be new things to look at. And at MovieStarPlanet, that’s just how it is.

Every Thursday, a new theme comes out. This means new clothes, animations, items, and backgrounds.

The themes vary - one week it may be fun and colorful, like Edgy Pastels, and next week it may be slightly darker, like a Scary School. One thing is sure, though - No matter if pets, sports, traveling or parties are closer to your heart, all movie stars will find a theme that they will fall completely in love with.

And that’s not all! Each weekly theme comes with a new Weekly Competition where you can win a free VIP membership.

If you want to visit a previous theme and all the amazing clothes or fun Items, you can do so directly through the themes in the Shops.

We love creating new things for you, so don't forget to check the new weekly theme each Thursday.


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