How do I use the Parental Controls?

As part of the safety measures on MovieStarPlanet, we ask for a parental email address after sign-up.

When an email address is entered, a message will be sent to that address containing information about MovieStarPlanet and our features. In this email you will find links that allow you to restrict what this specific user can do on MovieStarPlanet. This includes deactivation of chat features.

When you click on the first link in the email: “If you would like to disable access to one or all of the above features, please click here”, the site will open and lead you to this menu:

Please make sure you click ‘Save’ when you have chosen the desired settings.

In order to open these links, your email set-up must allow for links to be shown in emails. Some email hosts will deactivate these links by default.

The parental controls can be found in the bottom section of the email. Note that currently you cannot update or change these settings from a tablet or smartphone.

If you later change your mind, please revisit the link in the email to open the menu and update your settings. Note: The user may have to log off and back in for the changes to take effect.


If you need further assistance you can contact us here.

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