Which apps has MovieStarPlanet developed?

MovieStarPlanet is an awesome place to be if you like to have fun with your friends and create amazing content that can be shared with your friends.


Did you know that MovieStarPlanet has developed apps too?

Take a look below and read about the apps - you may want to download one of them.

The apps are available from the App Store for iPhone/iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.





If you like staying in touch with your friends wherever you go, you will love our MSP app! You will find your favourite features there and will instantly be able to talk with your friends in our cool Messages area. You can even choose to receive push notifications when someone writes you a message. This way you will never miss an important update or friend request. The MSP App is a must for all movie stars who are here to stay connected.





Do you love the Boonies from MovieStarPlanet? If so, you would be happy to learn that the Boonies have their own planet called BooniePlanet, and that you can access it by downloading the BooniePlanet app. Here you can create your own Boonie Captain and grow your Boonie Family. You can visit their Rooms and try to win as many adorable battles against other Boonies as possible. A fun game of dress-up is naturally also an option. If you haven’t played it yet, this cute world is waiting to be discovered in your app store.




If you like building worlds from square blocks and playing super exciting battles against your friends with a BlockStar created all by yourself, you should definitely try BlockStarPlanet. This app is a great way to compete with your friends, boost your creativity and check your battle skills.


See you in your app store!


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