Do chain letters or cheats work?

A typical chain letter is a text promising free StarCoins, VIP or Diamonds (or something too good to be true) if you copy-paste the text to other areas of the game. It could say for instance: “Write this in five other comments and get 1000 StarCoins”.

We want you to know that chain letters and cheats do not work on MovieStarPlanet. Users who write chain letters may not realize just how wrong this is, but chain letters fill up the comment section and take space from other users. You do not get Diamonds or VIP merely by copy-pasting a text. If so, they not be special, right?

Writing as well as copying chain letters is against the rules of MovieStarPlanet and can lead to a warning or a lock.

When you see posts like these, you should ignore them or report them.

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