Who is Zac Sky?

When you create a boy movie star, you will receive a friend request from Zac Sky. Zac is a very special character created by MovieStarPlanet, which means that his updates come from the MovieStarPlanet Team.

He has the most amazing haircut of all, super stylish clothes and an awesome set of blue earphones!


MovieStarPlanet changes all the time. We put a lot of effort into bringing you brand new features every week, so you can have more and more awesome stuff to do with your friends. After all, MovieStarPlanet is all about having fun with your friends.

With Zac Sky in your activity bar, you will never miss an opportunity to have even more fun with your friends! He will inform you about upcoming features in game. Never again you will have to wonder, “What is this new feature all movie stars are talking about?” Isn't that awesome?

Zac Sky is everything you could imagine. He can star in your Movies, be part of your ArtBooks, inspire you to make new Looks. With Zac Sky, your imagination is the limit!

We are very happy to have him on MovieStarPlanet and we hope you will like him too!

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