Who is Holly Nova?

Have you met our special character, Holly Nova? This lovely movie star is our Star News Reporter who will be bringing you all the latest facts and gossips about your favourite celebrities! For now she is only present on our UK and US domains, but who knows where she might go in the future?

Are you curious about the title of your favourite singer's new song? Or the next movie your favourite actress will star in? Or who won best album of the year? If you are, MSP Buzz is just the place for you!


Here at MovieStarPlanet we all have our favourite stars, just like you! We know very well how important it is to keep track of facts and gossip about, and that’s why we decided to introduce you to Holly Nova. She knows everything about the celebrities you love so much. Don't forget to check her profile on a regular basis, so you do not miss anything you should not be missing!

And if the world of fame and celebrities is not your cup of tea, you can of course decline Holly Nova's friend request. We do not want you to receive irrelevant news. And if you ever change your mind, just send her a friend request and she will be happy to accept it.

We hope that you will enjoy having Holly Nova among your friends.

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