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Why are items missing from my user?

Are you missing some items on your account? We know that items are very important to you and that they are a way to express your creativity and interact in with your friends. But don't worry: they very rarely just disappear on their own. They are probably still hiding somewhere on your account, waiting to be discovered.

There are a few places you can start looking for them:

  • Your Room: Click on “Edit my Room” to see your items
  • Wardrobe: Are you sure the item(s) you are looking for is not hiding somewhere there on one of many pages?
  • Pet Hotel: Is your animal gone? Make sure it’s not just sleeping at the Pet Hotel.

Please remember that items disappear only when they have been:

  • Removed from the Shop to make room for new cool items
  • Given away as a gift to another user
  • Recycled

If you believe your item disappeared from your account for another reason than those mentioned above, please read this article.


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