Blog post March 16th 2017

Hello everyone,

It's time for some news from the BLOCK!

We have awesome news and updates for you this time around.

The biggest news on this side of the galaxy is that RoboBlastPlanet has changed name to BlockStarPlanet.

Read all about it in this article.

We are also proud to announce that we have opened the much anticipated BlockStarPlanet section of the Help Center. You will find it on the front page. Check it out!



With this update, some BlockStarPlanet items and in-game features have been renamed.

Here is what has changed:

  • Robots are now called BlockStars
  • Robot Parts are now called BlockStar Parts
  • Chassis are now called Legs
  • Microchips are now called Battle Powers



Even BlockStarPlanet's NPC's have been names :D

Please welcome Dex McFly, Blockbjorn and Rita Blasta to the world!

Click on them and see what happens.


A Join button has been added to in-game notifications. If a friend is playing a game within BlockStarPlanet, simply click to Join and you will teleport to the stage where your BlockStar friend is playing.


You can also invite a friend to play from their Profile, and even invite friends that are not on your friends list to a game.

That's the News from the Block!

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