How do I get new Weapons?

Part of the fun on BlockStarPlanet is getting new and cooler Weapons for your BlockStar!

Here is how you buy new Weapons.


  • Go to the Nexus.
  • Locate the Shop and click on the Shop icon.
  • Click on the Weapons button.


Here you will find many amazing Weapons that can be purchased for Coins or Diamonds.


You can select: 

  • New - The latest Weapons
  • Top - The most popular Weapons
  • Friends - The Weapons your Friends own
  • Mine - The Weapons you own
  • Search - Search for Weapons


When you have found a Weapon that you like, click on it and select buy.

The Weapon is now yours!


*Tip: The Shop can also be reached by clicking on the blue globe in the top left hand corner.



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