What is the Shop?

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The Shop is a place where a BlockStar  like yourself will need to visit!

There you can buy Parts  for your amazing BlockStar!

You can find the Shop in the Nexus.


  • Look around till you find an icon that looks like a shopping basket. 


  • Click on it.

Once you've clicked it you will be presented with a few options:

  • Blocks - Used to design your Worlds
  • Weapons - Arm your robot with cool Weapons!
  • Legs - Walk or hover in style, used to move around.
  • VIP - VIP membership
  • World Specials - Make your World even cooler
  • Backgrounds - Backgrounds for your World such as Forrest, Lava, and much more!
  • Skydomes - Change your Worlds by adding in a night sky.


*Tip: The Shop can also be reached by clicking on that little blue globe on the top left hand corner.



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