What happened to RoboBlastPlanet?

RoboBlastPlanet is now called BlockStarPlanet!



When RoboBlastPlanet was created it was a game about building the most amazing robot out there, and to create an arena where an epic battle would take place and a champion would emerge victorious.

We have known for a while that the game has become much more than the original design.

It now contains a community, creativity and more possibilities than we ever imagined.

We decided that we needed to come up with a name that represents the game as it is now, so it was back to the drawing board!

It has the possibility to take your ideas and creativity and make a world of endless possibilities. You can team up with your friends and build an entire world together where your rules apply. No haters allowed!

Knowing all this it became apparent that the name did no longer match the vision for the game.

We are proud to present BlockStarPlanet. Where building, creating, socializing and blasting is our new vision!

Use the power of the blocks to create, innovate and terminate!

Welcome to BlockStarPlanet!



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