Recurring payment conditions

If you select recurring payment we will automatically renew your VIP membership when it expires, if your payment method supports recurring payments.

Your VIP membership will be renewed with the same membership package as originally purchased - e.g. your membership will be renewed by 1 month if you initially purchased a 1-month membership. The number of items given with the package may vary. Your membership will automatically be renewed until it is canceled.

You can at any time cancel the recurring payment of your VIP membership by logging into MovieStarPlanet with the respective user, click on settings in the top right corner, select "My Payments" and then “Turn off Recurring Payment”.

If the recurring payment process fails due to a transaction error – i.e. an expired or invalid credit card – we will turn off the recurring payment for this user and you will have to purchase a new VIP membership manually.

If you wish to change the payment method used for the recurring payment, you must first turn it off as described above, then re-purchase a membership and choose "Recurring Payment" as your new preferred payment method.

When the recurring payment of your membership has been processed we will send you an email receipt to the email you entered, including the transaction date, total price, and membership type and length.

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