What is the Beauty Clinic?

Do you want your movie star to look cool and trendy? Then stop by the Beauty Clinic.

You access it in the Shopping area.

In the Beauty Clinic you can create your very own unique look. Define and create a style that is yours.

Here you can change your:

  • Eyes

Most of the eye feature is customizable, so you can create the eyes that fit your movie star the best. You can also select a range of eye colours and eyebrow colours.

  • Eye shadow

The Beauty Clinic offers a nice range of eye shadows. You can customize your colours to match the style you have in mind.

  • Nose

The Beauty Clinic also offers a wide range of noses. MovieStarPlanet even has a cat nose. Try it out, it’s adorable.

  • Mouth

In the mouth section you can find the right set of lips and the jawline to match your look. You can also change your lipstick colour. Did we mention that we also have fangs? We do!

  • Skin colour

Feeling blue today? Or the need for pink? We have plenty of skin colours to choose from. Making a zombie movie with your friends? Try using the green foundation colour to get the right living-dead look.

When you are ready, click the purple “Buy” button in the bottom right corner to purchase your new cool look.


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