How do I make Movies?

You become popular on MovieStarPlanet by making great Movies, as all great movie stars have done! It is a great way to express yourself and boost your creativity. Making movies on MovieStarPlanet is not even that difficult. Let us show you.


To create a new Movie, click on the clapboard icon:


We have prepared a short tutorial that may help you understand how our movie maker works. Follow the red bubbles.

If you ever feel lost, you can access it at any time by clicking the blue question mark in the upper right corner:


 Your Movie will look super cool if you add special things to it. These icons are your tools in creating a movie:


  • Add or remove actors: You can select 6 movie stars to star in your Movie. You can choose your own movie star, any of your friends and a few extra movie stars. The selected movie stars are lined up, and from this line-up you can change the each movie star’s clothes, animations and facial expressions.
  • Add or remove items: Items are used to decorate a particular scene of your Movie. You can buy new items in the Shopping area. You can resize, tweek and move them around.
  • Add or remove scenes to the Movie: Do you want to add or remove a whole scene from your movie? You can do it quickly here just with a few clicks.
  • Change the background of the scene: If you want to change the setting/scenery of your Movie, you can choose one of the backgrounds available. Special backgrounds for your Movie are available for purchase in the Shopping area.
  • Change the music: You can add different music to your Movies to create the right mood.


While creating a Movie, it’s up to you to decide, for each scene, where the movie stars should be, which animation they should have, and what they should be saying.

If you want to jump quickly between scenes, you may want to use the Movie bar that contains all the scenes. By clicking the pink “Play Movie” button you can view your Movie scene by scene before publishing it, just to make sure that everything looks just like you want.

Once you have completed your Movie, it is time to publish it for all movie stars to see. You do so by clicking the “Save” button:


We encourage you to regularly save the Movie that you are working on, even if you are not ready to publish. That way, if something happens, you will not have to start over.


We cannot wait to see all the awesome Movies you will create!

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