Why can I only buy more StarCoins and not VIP?

It is only when you see the “become VIP” star in the top right corner that you can purchase VIP membership.

When you see the StarCoins and Diamonds icon in the top right corner, you can purchase StarCoins and Diamonds only.

When you are VIP, you can only purchase Top-up packages during your membership.

VIP members are unable to purchase additional VIP until 8 days or less remain of their current VIP Membership.

It is, however, possible to upgrade your VIP to a higher level, by paying the difference between the two packages. This means that all packages do not contain added VIP membership, but StarCoins and Diamonds instead.

If you want to extend your VIP membership, you can buy VIP membership when there is 8 days or less of your current membership. Or you can buy a Gift Certificate.

Non-VIP members cannot buy StarCoins packages, but will get StarCoins and Diamonds when purchasing a VIP membership.

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