Summer Contest 2017

Dear SummerStars,

We are celebrating summer on MovieStarPlanet.
To welcome the sun, we are going to have the most epic dance competition!
Record yourself dancing like Pixi does in the video below and send it to us!

What's at stake? Well, VIP membership of course, and a hint of Fame along with a pinch of glory!

Each week, a winner will be awarded 1 month of VIP.
In addition, all who submit a video have a chance to win our GRAND PRIZE of 1 Year VIP

Now for the rules!
• If you are under 13, you will need to ask your parents/guardians for permission to participate in the dance competition
• The rules for video are the same as the rules for MovieStarPlanet's photo feature
• Never share personal information, such as your full name, phone number, home address, or email
• Always ask for permission before sharing videos of other people
• Bullying and being hurtful through sharing videos will not be tolerated
• Violent, inappropriate or offensive videos are not allowed
• People in videos should be dressed
• There is no limit to how many friends can participate in the video, but be sure to ask their permission first
• Only one user can submit and win for the same video, even if more users participate in the video
• Please submit your video to
• Videos with inappropriate content will be handled according to normal MSP rules
• Be sure to include your username and your domain/country
• Dance like Pixi Star in the video!
• The video must be a real life video

You can find the dance moves on MSP TV, here on MovieStarPlanet!

Have a great summer!

MovieStarPlanet Team

The contest ends during the first week of september! So start dancing!

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