What does GDPR mean on MovieStarPlanet?

Because of GDPR we have to ask for your age when you try and access social (restricted) features on MovieStarPlanet. A social (restricted) feature is a feature that can make it possible to identify who you are in real life. This by either writing or showing a real-life picture of your self. This is features such as YouTube, photo sharing and chat.


We will ask for your parent’s email, so they can give you consent to use the social features. This they will do in the Parental Control Center. In here they can also help you to retrieve your password in case you forget it.

Many kids have their first social media experiences on MovieStarPlanet. Safeguarding children and as part of this, protecting their data, has always been of paramount importance for MovieStarPlanet. We, therefore, welcomed GDPR, or as it is often referred to GDPR-K, and we welcome the opportunity this gives us to communicate with the parents of our users.

Signing up and playing MovieStarPlanet in its basic form does not require any parental permission. However, when a player tries to access one of the social features, we ask for their age. If they are under-aged, we ask for their parents’ email, so the parents can select which of the social features their child can interact with.


This is done in the Parental Control Center.


When a parent has signed up to The Parental Control Center, they will be able to manage their child's access to various features, but also to help the child manage their different accounts and retrieve passwords if that should become necessary.

As the child will not be able to interact with any of the social networking features, without their parent’s permission, no Personal identifiable information can be collected on that user.

If the child is not able to gain parental permission to use the social features, they can continue to play MovieStarPlanet and have access to the non-social features. MovieStarPlanet does not sell or exchange personal information with third parties.


The Data we do collect

We do have to collect and store certain information about users who engage with the game. This information is collected to help improve the game and to meet child safeguarding obligations.

This data includes:

  • Username
  • Age
  • E-mail
  • Log-in data

You can find more information about the data we collect in our Privacy Policy

When there are updates to our Privacy Policy and/or Terms & Conditions, we send an email so the parents are aware of the latest changes, and have the opportunity to log in to the Parental Control Center, and opt-in/out of features.

If you have any questions regarding MovieStarPlanet and GDPR or the data we collect, please contact our support at this link or read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.


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