February 2017

Hi MovieStars,
   This time we are celebrating Safer Internet Day 2017.
On February 7, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. On MovieStarPlanet we like to live by connect with respect. Find more about Safer Internet Day here.
If you want to read more about what we do to keep our MovieStars safe, please read our child safeguarding article here.
   We have also fixed some ArtBook bugs that you, our amazing MovieStars, have reported. 

Awesome new update from BooniePlanet

With this update you now have a bunch of new interactions in the chat rooms. Click on the floating trampoline icon, for example, and your furry little Boonie will waltz up and and play a cool animation. You’ll even get FurCoins for it.

It’s awesome!

Here’s another cool feature. Look at this little guy using the shovel to dig up hidden XP and FurCoins.


Now there is also an amazing new wishing well feature available.
Throw in your coin and a cool reward comes out.

May your wishes come true!


Thank you for reading and stay tuned.

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