What is BooniePlanet?

BooniePlanet is a social game where you can create and take care of your own Boonie Family, face exciting challenges and explore the world of BooniePlanet together with your friends.

Do you like Boonies? If so, you will fall in love with BooniePlanet!



There are many different areas of the game that will provide you lots of fun. In BooniePlanet, you can:


When you visit your Home for the very first time on the Home Island, you will be able to choose a Boonie egg. From this egg will hatch your first Boonie! Do you want your Boonie Family to grow? If so, start exploring BooniePlanet on the Games Island! The more you explore the game, the more Boonies are likely to join your Family.

Do not forget to keep your Boonies happy! You can check what your Boonies need by going to your Home. The Boonies will need to be fed and washed regularly. Try to give them their favourite snacks, that will make them really happy! Taking regular care of your Family will also give you XP points that will help you level up in the game. Keep your Boonies happy to make your Family powerful and invincible!

  • SHOP

Do you want your Boonies to look super cool and unique? If so, you can visit the Shop where you will find lots of different clothes and accessories to dress up your Boonies and your Boonie Captain. You will be able to use these items to create amazing Looks that you can save in your Profile. Show how awesome you can look!

You will also find there lots of items that you can use to decorate your Home. Make it nice and cozy, so your Boonies feel comfortable.

The currencies in BooniePlanet are called FurCoins and Crystals. You can compare them to StarCoins and Diamonds from MovieStarPlanet, the idea is quite the same.


Once your Boonies have been taken care of, they will be ready to explore BooniePlanet. There are different worlds waiting to be discovered, each with different levels of difficulty and with unique Boonies and secrets.

Tickle your enemies to claim victory and win awesome rewards! Try to defeat other Boonies by throwing delicious fruits or cookies at them, spraying the scene so they get confused, or even enchanting them with magical flowers. Each of your Boonies has its unique powers. Discover them all!

  • CHAT

Don’t worry: We know that staying in touch with your friends is very important to you.

On BooniePlanet, we have made it possible for you to chat with your friends in private messages, just like on MovieStarPlanet. You can also meet other players in chatrooms, visit each other’s Homes and give your friends hugs to let them know that you care about them. After all, what fun is it without friends?


Now it is time to find your friends on BooniePlanet and spend some good time together.

You will be able to chat with your friends while playing, dress up your Boonies the way you want and compete against other Boonies in tickle-battles. Isn't that exciting?

We love BooniePlanet, and we hope that you will have lots of fun playing it. See you on BooniePlanet!

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