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Last Modified: May 10th, 2016

Effective Date: May 10th, 2016

This Privacy Policy governs the collection of Personally Identifiable Information on or in connection with the use of MovieStarPlanet Group of Games (“MovieStarPlanet”). MovieStarPlanet includes MovieStarPlanet, BooniePlanet, RoboBlastPlanet and any game subsequently published by MovieStarPlanet on any platform.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and made a part of the MovieStarPlanet Terms of Use. By registering for an account, or accessing or using the Website, users agree to be bound by the provisions of this Privacy Policy. The provisions of this Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time without notice and at MovieStarPlanet's sole discretion. We will post any revised Privacy Policy on this page and show the date the revised Privacy Policy was modified and the effective date of the modifications. Users should check this page regularly for any such changes. Continued access or use of the Website constitutes acceptance of any modifications of the Privacy Policy.

The Information We Collect

Upon creation of a MovieStarPlanet account we ask you to provide us with the following personal information:

  • A username
  • Month and year of birth

Later we may ask you to provide us with the following additional information:

  • An email
  • Parent's / guardian's email

If users sign up to make purchases of certain MovieStarPlanet products or services using a cell phone, we ask users to provide their cell phone number.

Like most websites, we receive and store certain types of information whenever users visit the site. In addition to the information individuals provide, we may collect the name of the domain and host from which users access the Internet; the IP address of the computer used; the browser and operating system used; the date and time of access; and the Internet address of the website linking to MovieStarPlanet (including any search terms used to find MovieStarPlanet through a search engine, such as Google).

MovieStarPlanet allows users to communicate in a number of ways. If users are over 13 years of age, we collect information voluntarily provided on the user profile page and information divulged within online activities such as chat rooms and the movies users create. Note: revealing personally identifiable information is against the MovieStarPlanet Rules, and it should not occur. Any personally identifiable information revealed in online activities will be available to others who can access this content (See Disclosing Your Personally Identifiable Information). For users under the age of 13 years, see the section Children Under the Age of 13 Years, below.

Children Under the Age of 13 Years

The Website is not specifically directed toward children under the age of 13 years. We do not intentionally collect personally identifiable information from users under 13 years of age except as permitted under applicable law. We do not permit users under 13 years of age to participate fully in all of the features of the Website until we have obtained parental consent in accordance with applicable law. For example, we employ moderators and "white-lists" designed to screen the participation of users under 13 years and prevent their disclosure of personally identifiable information in interactive areas of the Website, such as chat rooms, profile pages and created movies.

Parents and guardians can limit or even block MovieStarPlanet's access and collection of personally identifiable information for children under 13 years of age. Details of what personally identifiable information is collected and instructions on how to opt-out of this form of data collection is provided in the correspondence sent requesting parental/guardian consent regarding children under 13 years signing onto MovieStarPlanet.

How We Use Your Personally Identifiable Information

We use the personally identifiable information provided to operate, maintain, customise and enhance the features on the Website. We also use the information to communicate with you for administrative purposes, such as to help users reset passwords, and to deliver newsletters, promotions and advertising. We use parental email addresses to obtain consent before collecting personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 years (See Children Under the Age of 13 Years, above). Where users have signed up to make purchases of certain products or services offered on the Website using a cell phone, we use the personally identifiable information provided to facilitate those purchases.

Disclosing Your Personally Identifiable Information

We are not in the business of selling personally identifiable information; however, we may disclose information to third parties in the following circumstances:

  • We may disclose information to others who provide services to us in order to operate, maintain and enhance the features of the Website, such as website hosting services providers. Where such service providers receive personally identifiable information in order to furnish services to us, they must agree to privacy terms ostensibly the same as the terms in MovieStarPlanet's Privacy Policy. Furthermore, the use of personally identifiable information is limited to the use needed in order to furnish those services to us.
  • We may disclose information to others if we believe in good faith that the disclosure is necessary to comply with the requirements of applicable laws, to respond to court orders, judicial or regulatory subpoenas and information requests or to otherwise comply with law enforcement.
  • We may disclose information to others if we believe such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to take precautions against liability or to enforce our rights; to protect us and users from unlawful or abusive activity; to investigate and defend ourselves against claims or allegations from third parties; to protect the security or integrity of the Website; or to protect the rights, property or personal safety of MovieStarPlanet, our users or third parties.

Users may also choose to disclose personally identifiable information in many interactive areas of the Website if over 13 years of age (See Children Under the Age of 13 Years, above). These areas include user's public profile page, chat rooms and the movies users create. Many of these features also connect directly to other third party services such as YouTube. Disclosing personally identifiable information in this way is against the Rules and users should not do it. Once personally identifiable information is made available, it may be collected and used by any person who has access to this content without restriction. If personal information has been disclosed on YouTube, it may be accessible and used by anybody on the Internet. Please note, that once individuals have disclosed such information in this way, it may be impossible to delete it.


MovieStarPlanet may place a text file in the user's computer web browser - this is called a "cookie". Cookies collect information that helps us to improve and personalise each user experience on MovieStarPlanet. Cookies, for example, tell us how many visitors we have on the site and which parts of the site are most popular. They help generate statistics (which are aggregated and non-personal) that MovieStarPlanet presents to members, partners, sponsors and others stakeholders.


The website may contain links to other websites not controlled by MovieStarPlanet. We make no representations or warranties concerning such websites. When individuals use external websites, their use is governed by that site's privacy policies and not by MovieStarPlanet's Privacy Policy. Users should review the privacy policies of each website carefully before providing any information.

In the Event of a Merger or Sale

In the event MovieStarPlanet merges with or is sold to another company, personally identifiable information will not be disclosed or transferred, except as detailed above. However, in the event all or a portion of the business of MovieStarPlanet is sold, either through a sale of assets, a sale of stock, a merger or otherwise, MovieStarPlanet reserves the right to transfer or assign all or a portion of the information collected on the website in connection with such sale.

Data Security

At MovieStarPlanet we utilise physical, administrative and technical safeguards to ensure the security and integrity of our systems used to store personally identifiable information. We cannot, however, guarantee the security of any information transmitted to MovieStarPlanet. Nor can we guarantee that any such information is not be accessed, altered or destroyed by a breach, circumvention, failure or interruption of security measures.

Change the status on Your Information and Opting Out

Users can access and change personal information at any time. Users and parents/guardians can also choose to opt-out of any further collection or use of personally identifiable information by MovieStarPlanet.

To do this, follow the direct link provided in the email sent by MovieStarPlanet requesting parental consent for the collection personally identifiable information. Please note that collection of certain personally identifiable information may be necessary for continued use or access to the Website.


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